My Journey Begins

Forty years ago I was at one of the biggest Pow Wows on the east coast held at the Shinnecock Reservation on Long Island, New York. Every tribe from all over the country was there and we enjoyed the singing dancing and crafts that were being sold. One of them was the Native American Flute. Wow! I don’t remember the man’s name that was playing it on the Drum shaped stage but it was amazing. He first told us a story of a “spirit Bird ” that lived inside of the flute. Well, when he began to play you could hear secondary notes in between the main notes that sounded just like a song bird singing along with the flute. It was truly mesmerizing. I was hooked. I wanted a flute just like that one. Having only been married a short time my wife and I were not yet on our financial feet so money was tight at the time. I couldn’t afford the price for the flute. To this day I never forgot the show that man put on and even though I make flutes and play them I still can not replicate the sounds and rhythms of that piece. I look back at that day with joy, we had such a great time there. In those days no one told you when to leave and we stayed well into the night. We had an old VW Beetle and when we were ready to leave , behold, it wouldn’t turn over. My wife had to push it down hill while I popped the clutch to start it. Then we were off and back on our way to New Jersey. Have a flute story? And yes I do sell flutes and would be glad to make you one, Just contact me at we’ll talk.